Blessed Be Cards


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Author: Cavendish, Lucy and Weil, Jane Starr

Once, when we met, we would say the sacred words, Blessed Be, to wish each other blessings for the day, for the night, and for the profound turning points in our lives. We did so to confer the very best of our wishes, to grant the gift of a gentle charge of supportive energy, an honouring of the soul. This Celtic-inspired deck, in very simple, real ways, returns to you the holy power of blessing, providing a pathway to reconnection with the Divine.Lucy Cavendishs compassionate blessings bring hope, inspiration, understanding, and encouragement. Most of all, they offer a deep sense of belonging, the comfort of being seen, the reminder that you are a cherished and most precious being. For every one of lifes gateways, for all the joyful moments, and the challenges, there is a blessing to ignite your souls luminous, loving light once again.Jane Starr Weils exquisite illustrations provide a unique feast of devotional treasures that will restore your spirit to the sacred, every day.


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