Crystal Healing starts at our Crystal Shop

You may be just like us and have a fascination with the beautiful crystals Mother Nature creates. Our crystal shop just outside of Melbourne, is based in the lovely Gippsland town of Yarragon.

Fortunately, you can view our products and shop virtually, from our online crystal store. We endeavour to offer the best possible photography so you can see the exact crystal you wish to possess.

Visiting our Crystal Shop Melbourne & Metaphysical Shop

Our Australian New Age Shop, or metaphysical shop, has specialised knowledge and products to make sure you make an informed decision when you buy crystals. You will also love the selection of healing crystals we have available.

We have Amethyst, Quartz, Tiger Eye. We also have crystal skulls, Dreamcatchers, and Essential Oils.

Crystal Healing in Australia

Much in demand the past decade, our family decided to start our shop combining healing stones and crystal gemstones, with our workshops and knowledge of the energy these wonderful crystals bring to our lives.

Considering these stones must be worn to take advantage of the energy in the crystals, we have endeavoured to import and produce the most beautiful crystal jewellery.

What might you see in our Victorian store?

We stock a broad range of beautiful crystal gift ideas, natural crystals, and polished crystals. Our crystal gemstone shop includes:

We have a much wider variety than the above, but that is a great collection to get you started.  Should you not see the healing crystals for sale you may wish to purchase, give us a call as we have an even more extensive collection in the shop.

Be sure to read our blog and to cleanse your crystals using a smudge stick to clear the energy so that the crystal will resonate for you with positive energy.

What you may not know however is, during a full moon it is best to do this, as this is when the negative energy is negated most effectively.

Are you looking for crystal gift ideas in Victoria?

When you visit our shop, you may see crystal gift ideas ranging in price from $3 and up to $2,200.

Many people find our crystal shop online. If you are based in Melbourne, we are not too far of a drive for you to enjoy the store in person. Why not come & see the selection we have available for that special gift or special celebration.

Interested? Get in touch.

Call us on 03 5634 2869 We are always happy to help you with any enquiries or questions.  You will be pleased to know that all of our online items are in stock and ready to be shipped – everything in our online store can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

"Our vision at Crystal Ocean is to provide a spiritual haven for learning, growth and self discovery at a time when many are seeking 'more' in their lives."

- Julie Greensmith, Owner

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