Amber Pendant – Green Amber


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Green Amber Pendant in Sterling Silver | Bezel Set | Rounded Marquise Cabochon Cut, Pale Green-Yellow with Warm Brown.

Pendant Approx 58mm x 25mm

Amber is a fossilised tree resin formed from largely extinct trees. It’s often estimated to be between 10-90 million years old & can contain plant material & insects that became stuck within the resin & then frozen in time. For thousands of years this beautiful material has been worn as jewellery & crafted into ornaments. Amber is known to have a warm, sunny & uplifting energy that soothes us in difficult times. It is a nurturing stone said to purify our aura & our beings. Amber connects to ancient knowledge & can be worked with to access our own ancestral & past life knowledge. It holds a light energy that is said to connect with beings of the light including those from other dimensions & other worlds, fairies & elementals. Amber is said to assist with our physical energy, wellbeing, the metabolism, health & in recovery from injury or illness.



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