The Priestess And The Magus Book Two: We The People


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Welcome back to New Avalon, a sustainable eco-village nestled in a green valley between forested ridges of the Cascade foothills. Our heroine, Leah Erickson, finds herself challenged to maintain the high standards she has set for her progressive television show, Light on the Crisis, whilst confronted with major personal and community crises. Can she, as a healer, help save the life of her brother-in-spirit, Demetri Malkodina? Can she navigate the waters of a balanced collaboration with wildly popular, slightly radical, progressive talk show host, Joel Robertson? Will she succeed in elevating the consciousness of her warrior dragon and face her greatest adversary as she embraces the ages-old initiatory path of the Order of the Ruby? And, how will the discovery of a mysterious family, hidden away in the forest over the ridge, affect all of these challenges and the life of community? Through an act of grace, she has been reunited with her life’s love and Lord of the Ruby, Chris Kramer, who holds a space of loving strength, wisdom, humor, and noninterference as her process unfolds. Can life be any fuller? Why not? Add then, Leah’s grandchildren, eager to meet their mysterious grandfather, Pops Kramer; the community’s active participation in the creation of a model village for the homeless; and Leah’s discovery and passionate quest for understanding and truth of humanity’s evolution and the Christ Mystery.