The Natural Gardener: A Lifetime of Gardening by the Phases of the Moon


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Humans and the world around us have been governed by the waxing and waning of the moon since the planet came into being. Over the centuries different civilisations have embraced the natural cycles which our moon dictates, and so lunar gardening has been around for as long as man has pulled food from the soil; once practised by the Incas and Native Americans, this tried and trusted method has been largely forgotten.

John Harris, head gardener at Tresillian Estate in Cornwall, has been gardening using the power of the moon for over forty years. The methods he uses can be implemented anywhere, you do not need fancy tools, expensive seeds or substantial acreage, but instead, given time, patience and care, the results can be breathtaking. This is gardening at its most natural and organic, free from pesticides and unnecessary interference. Moon Gardening allows the soil and plants to thrive, giving nature the chance to do what it does best.

The Natural GardenerĀ charts John’s story from a rudderless young lad in a Cornish village to being charged with the salvation of the long-neglected gardens at Tresillian. As he shares with his readers exactly how to go about following the simple and natural principles, he imparts his abundance of horticultural knowledge from years spent working in harmony with the soil, providing a timely link back to nature and the reassuring regularity of the seasons.