The Language of Breath: Discover Better Emotional and Physical Health through Breathing and Self-Awareness


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For readers of James Nestor and Wim Hof

Science-based breathing techniques to boost energy, unlock your mind-body connection, and address illnesses caused by chronic dysregulated stress response

Jesse Coomer is one of the world’s foremost voices in the field of breathwork–the practice and science behind mindful breathing’s potential to heal. Here, he shares how human physiology and psychology impact and are impacted by unmanaged stress…and what you can do about it.

With conditions like depression, anxiety, indigestion, chronic inflammation, and low libido on the rise, more people than ever before report health issues that can be traced back to a chronic dysregulated stress response–a disconnection between the body’s autonomic nervous system and the ceaseless psychological demands of contemporary life.

But what if we approached our internal mental-emotional landscapes through the lens of partnership, a relationship of constant communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of our being?

Coomer delivers a new paradigm to the world of breathwork: one that views breathing as a language with which we can speak, listen, and create positive partnerships between our minds and bodies. Coomer teaches us that when we learn to listen to the cues coming from our unconscious self, we can take an active role in our healing journeys.

Empowering readers with practical, science-based tools to transcend those stress-inducing aspects of our non-stop hamster-wheel culture, this book guides us away from stale, outdated notions about our minds and bodies, toward better health and a happier life.

Author: Jesse Coomer, Brian Mackenzie, Richard Bostock