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Cranial deformation was practiced on nearly every continent by cultured groups who believed they were imitating their highly advanced ancestors. Why did diverse ancient people – even on remote Pacific Islands – use head-binding to create elongated heads? Where did they even get this idea? Did some humans naturally have long, narrow heads? Were they an elite race that roamed the planet? Why do anthropologists rarely talk about cranial deformation and know so little about it? These mysteries, and more, are explored in this mind-blowing trip into the strange past of humankind. Childress and Foerster take us to Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Malta, China, Mexico and other locales in search of strange elongated skulls and other cranial deformations. David Hatcher Childress is the author of 20+ books and appears regularly on TV shows such as Ancient Aliens. He is an acknowledged authority on strange archaeology, and anomalous events, geography and beings. Brien Foerster was born in Canada and has lived around the world. He has a degree in anthropology and currently lives in Peru.