The Elegant and Edible Garden


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Discover how to partner ornamental plants with edible ones for a garden that offers both storybook appeal and a plethora of culinary delights. Stylish and celebratory, The Elegant and Edible Garden takes food growing to a higher plane.

Host of The Potager Blog (@potagerblog), author and garden stylist Linda Vater, shares her vision for creating a garden space where food and flowers grow side by side. Known as a potager, these gardens are formal in their framework yet flexible and personal in their edible yields. A potager garden is both lovely to look at and productive. Doubling as an outdoor living area, it is also the perfect place to entertain family and friends. Inside you’ll learn:

– How to grow flowers, fruits, veggies, and herbs together en masse
– The function of symmetry in a potager garden
– Ways to create visual harmony and match the style of the garden to its surroundings
– Tips for blending your family’s needs and lifestyle into the garden
– Advice on how to utilize focal points and garden ornaments in your garden’s layout
– The importance of rhythm, repetition, and harmony in potager design
– How to position garden structures with practicality and purpose in mind
– Where to put your potager for not just convenience but also to create a destination
– Best practices for growing your beautiful new garden organically

Create a garden that rejoices in seasonality while still allowing your style and personality to shine. The Elegant and Edible Garden is a vision of the very best things a garden can offer: food, beauty, connection, and a place to breathe.