The Book of Runic Astrology: Unlock the Ancient Power of Your Cosmic Birth Runes


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An accessible, practical guide to help readers interpret, map and apply runic astrology to their daily lives

Learn to harness the ancient wisdom of astrology and the runes, cast your birth chart and uncover your destiny with this essential guide to runic astrology.

Richard Lister explores the powerful combination of the runes and traditional astrology to show you how to tune into your past, present and future. Through a unique combination of mythos and practical advice you will discover:

– what runic astrology is
– how the runes correspond with each astrological sign
– how to cast and interpret your runic birth chart
– rituals to master runic astrology

Providing the names of the planets as the people of the frozen north saw and interpreted them, The Book of Runic Astrology will help you tune in to the energy of the cosmos to help you navigate your life, create prosperity and fulfil your purpose.

Author: Rich Lister