Gardening Know How: The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening


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An extensive and info-packed bible of home vegetable growing from the editors of the world’s most-visited gardening resource, Garden Know How.

The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening (Gardening Know How) is an all-encompassing guide to growing your own food, filled with creative tips and practical advice from the editors of the world’s most-visited gardening website.

With the experts from Gardening Know How at your side, cultivating loads of fresh, homegrown food has never been simpler. This indispensable handbook for vegetable gardeners includes not only the essential information you need to succeed, but also a wealth of expert tips and real-world advice to smooth the many inevitable bumps on the road to a productive edible garden.

The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening is here to answer your every veggie-growing question, from asparagus planting to zucchini pest control-and everything in between. Detailed plant profiles offer specific cultivation information and unique growing tips for each vegetable crop, allowing you to pick and choose which crops to grow based on your climate and personal preference.
Other highlights:
Planting plans for maximizing succession planting

  • Soil-building expertise from the pros
  • Budget-friendly garden design ideas and inspiration
  • Seed starting and transplanting information
  • Know-how on filling raised beds and containers
  • Tips for companion planting
  • Guidance on feeding, watering, and mulching your veggie plants
  • Recommendations on the best varieties to grow
  • Harvesting advice for dozens of different vegetables

QR codes throughout the book guide you to even more available resources on the Gardening Know How website. Plus, lush, full-color photos highlight the beauty and value of homegrown harvests from backyard gardens, both large and small. Welcome to the garden!

Author: Editors of Gardening Know How