Emotional Support Mist: Lakshmi Ahimsa, Tension, Communication, Self love, For Teeth Grinders, Neck and Jaw Tension, Headaches, 100ml


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Emotional Support Mist | Ahimsa | Tension, Communication, Self love, For Teeth Grinders, Neck and Jaw Tension, Headaches | 100ml Spray Bottle

Lakshmi Ahimsa – I am for clear and open communication, for moments of low self worth, anger and stress, restoring calm and clarity.

Ahimsa in Sanskrit refers to a practice of non-violence in all aspects of life, from the physical to the mental and emotional.

Non-violence is defined by honest compassion and true love. You can achieve this by embracing love: learn to love deeply, and also to be loved. However, this is impossible to do if you choose to ignore or escape from certain traits held in yourself.

Lakshmi Ahimsa will guide you back to love, to lovingly look at yourself both in the negative and the positive as well as remind you of who you were born to be and encourage you to radiate that out to the world with deep love, to communicate clearly and openly and trust you will be heard. Useful for the soul who is used to being overlooked, or bottles up their feelings and frustrations often in attempt to avoid emotions seen as negative or to be polite and not hurt others. However, over time these emotions build up and then will explode out, which only adds to their feelings of guilt, shame and regret. These souls may also suffer tension headaches, a clenched or aching jaw and teeth, grind their teeth, or have re-occurring sore throats and issues with speaking up.

Lakshmi Ahimsa will assist those who feel or have been made to feel small, stupid, insignificant or battle with low self-worth. Perhaps they have been through many painful experiences and feel like life has forgotten or has been unfair to them. Many such souls will struggle to ask for or receive help and while being generous and loving to others, will find it difficult to receive love or trust that they are loveable.

Directions: Shake well then mist into the air to clear indoor spaces and around the body to clear the aura and surrounding energy field.

Containing organic, vegan friendly, healing vibrational medicines of flower essences, crystal and gem essences, reiki energy, essential oils of Sandalwood, Pink Pepper, Jasmine and Petitgrain, and so much more for a nourishing and emotionally supportive experience. Vegan, Organic and Cruelty Free. 100ml Amber Glass Bottle.

Lakshmi Emotional Support Mists came into creation after being channelled while in a meditative state, from the names, many of which are each in Sanskrit to the vibrational medicines of flower essences, liquid crystal and gem essences and essential oils they are each crafted in 100ml amber glass with love, care & intention.