Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Earrings, Drops


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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver | Sleeping Beauty Mine, Arizona, USA | Freeform Cabochon Cut, Blue with Hint of White Detail.

Earring length approx 36mm.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is sourced from the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine in Arizona, USA. The mine was named for the mountain at its location that resembles a woman sleeping on her back.  Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is revered worldwide for its famed, sky blue colour & minimal or total lack of ‘veining’. Since the mine closed in 2012, this turquoise has become even more valuable & sought after.

Turquoise is a balancing stone of truth, communication, spiritual growth & peacefulness. It can promote a sense of serene wellbeing. Turquoise can help us to embrace our whole self & understand that every aspect of our self can be learned from & is connected to the energy of the Divine. When we truly accept all of ourselves we are able to be truly whole. Turquoise reminds us that every experience we have is simply an opportunity for learning. Turquoise is said to assist with stress, forgiveness & emotional healing.

Crystals have been coveted by man for thousands of years for both their beauty & the mystical healing abilities attributed to them. The crystal healing information we share is intended only as a support to your spiritual journey. Please always seek the assistance of an appropriate medical professional for all medical issues. Crystals are not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.