Tree Potion: Truth, 30ml


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One ‘The Nature Alchemist’ Tree Potion | Truth | 30ml |Boxed Bottle with Dropper.

For External Use Only. Enjoy on the body, as a bath oil or in an oil diffuser.

Feel the gift of the ‘strong and honest’ Oak. Truth potion strips away anything false and misleading in your life, allowing you to ‘get-real’. Truth potion provides a direct link to your intuition. Clearing confusion for greater clarity, removing your masks for true authenticity & giving you a renewed space for meaningful relationships.

Essence of the Oak in Victoria, Australia. Myrrh & Black Pepper essential oils in Sweet Almond oil. Moldavite, Merlinite and Tiger Eye crystals.

Directions: For body, bath or diffuser.

Please note that crystals photographed are not included.