Tibetan Singing Bowl, Handmade, Gold 25cm, Note C#


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Tibetan Singing Bowl | Handmade | Gold Colour, Approx 25cm Diameter | Note C#

This bowl is handmade in Nepal & comes with a wooden striking mallet & a colourful handmade “o” cushion that can be used while playing & for display.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are a wonderful tool for sound healing. The beautiful sounds can be played in meditation, healing rooms or in the home for your own relaxation & cleansing. The sound vibration lifts, cleanses & clears energy. Use your bowl to lift & balance the energy in your space & your own energy field.

Directions: Sit your singing bowl on top of its cushion or in the palm of your hand (either flatten your palm or allow a gentle curve, if your fingers grasp the bowl they will stop the sound). Rub your stick around the outer edge of the top of your singing bowl. You can strike the top edge of the bowl with your stick to start the sound if desired. Rotate with consistent pressure in a slow, stirring motion. Continue ‘stirring’ & allow the bowl to build a comfortable level of sound. Stop using the stick & enjoy the sound until it begins to quieten again, resume playing & repeat.


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