Small Hanging Merkaba Star, Silver, Optional Suncatcher


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Small Silver Merkaba or Merkabah Star | Handmade in Australia from recycled steel | Includes chain of approx 40cm to hang | Inner hook designed to support a crystal or suncatcher.
Approx Dimensions: Height 14cm, Width 10.5cm, Depth: 10.5cm.
This beautiful piece is designed for indoor use.
The Merkaba Star is a stunning form of sacred geometry. It is said to be made of pure Light, connecting the body & spirit to higher realms. It is a powerful healing symbol that can be used to discover your own full potential. Meditate or visualise the Merkaba surrounding you for protection. This symbol can expand your consciousness to interdimensional spaces & connect us with our own innate power.

A meditation for connecting with your Merkaba:

  1. Hang your Merkaba & sit or lie down beneath it.
  2. Create a meditative state for yourself. Breathe deeply into your body. Bring your full awareness into your body, consciously releasing all tension & stress & allowing yourself to relax. Allow your mind to still, letting any thoughts just pass by freely.
  3. Create your intention by asking the Merkaba for connection & guidance.
  4. Breathe slowly & deeply as you bring your awareness deep into your heart’s energy. Concentrate on your heart energy & your awareness connecting with your Merkaba. Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, images or messages that may present themselves to you.
  5. Thank your Merkaba for its support, connection & guidance. Enjoy!

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Suncatcher Option

Add 30mm Suncatcher, No Suncatcher