Labradorite Pendant


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Labradorite Pendant in Sterling Silver Leaf Design | Pear Cut Cabochon, Grey with Blue Flash.

Pendant approx 64mm x 26mm.

Labradorite exhibits striking flashes of colour, known as labradorescence, as light moves over the surface of the stone. Some stones will show a single colour while others can exhibit nearly every colour of the rainbow. Labradorite’s base colour usually appears light to dark grey in colour. The Native people of Canada, where the stone was first found, once believed that Labradorite was the Northern Lights trapped within a stone. Labradorite is known as a stone of magic & intuition. It protects and clears the aura and assists you in understanding your own destiny. Labradorite helps us along our journey of self discovery & is excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. Labradorite has been said to assist with stress, anxiety, the metabolism & digestion.

Crystals have been coveted by man for thousands of years for both their beauty & the mystical healing abilities attributed to them. The crystal healing information we share is intended only as a support to your spiritual journey. Please always seek the assistance of an appropriate medical professional for all medical issues. Crystals are not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.


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