Emotional Support Mist: White Sage Smudge, Protection, Energy Clearing, Grounding, Space Clearing, 100ml


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Emotional Support Mist | White Sage Smudge | Protection, Energy Clearing, Grounding, Space Clearing | 100ml Spray Bottle

This magical mist will give you protection from any negative energy around you. Spray around your aura to form a natural protection shield and clear away unwanted energies. Made from entirely organic natural ingredients & scented with essential oils that have been tested and certified as 100% organic, pure & natural.

Traditionally used as a soothing ceremonial oil, White Sage is commonly used for purifying the air and cleansing negative energy.

White Sage essential oil comes from the sage plant that is well known for its purifying action on the spirit and atmosphere. This oil will purify or strengthen the body and mind with an overall cooling effect. In the spiritual realm, white sage is used ceremonially for cleansing spaces. It is believed in some traditions to have its own very potent energy, which is able to not only clear negative energy but also to attract positive energy.

Directions: Shake well then mist into the air to clear indoor spaces and around the body to clear the aura and surrounding energy field.

Combined with hand crafted Sage Hydrosol, Sage Elixir, Essential oils of White Sage and Patchouli , Liquid Crystal Essences for grounding and protection, Flower Essences for calming, protection and releasing unwanted energies, Himalayan salts, Reiki Energy, love and Intentions our Lakshmi White Sage Smudge packs a metaphysical punch.