Emerald Pendant


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Emerald Pendant in Sterling Silver | Bezel Set | Pear Cut Cabochon, Green, White, Black | Blue Turtles Design.

Pendant approx 30mm x 16mm.

Emerald is a stone of love, emotion & abundance. It works with the heart chakra, helping us to heal emotional wounds & live in a space of love & compassion. Emeralds encourage us to stay connected to & hear our own heart’s wisdom. We can begin to see the people & events of our lives in a more hopeful, compassionate light with understanding & acceptance. Emerald helps us to embrace unconditional love & connect us to Divine, universal love energy that is open to us all. It offers us emotional healing & a sense of hope. It can assist us to release fears of being ‘not enough’, of not having enough. Emerald is said to relate to the health of the physical heart as well as supporting us to set free our emotional heart.

Crystals have been coveted by man for thousands of years for both their beauty & the mystical healing abilities attributed to them. The crystal healing information we share is intended only as a support to your spiritual journey. Please always seek the assistance of an appropriate medical professional for all medical issues. Crystals are not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.


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