Colus Fossil Pendant


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Colus Fossil Pendant with Sterling Silver Bail  | Oval Cut Cabochon, Brown, White, Yellow.

Pendant approx 45mm x 25mm.

Colus Fossils are formed from a sea snail that lived about 200 million years ago. Over millions of years the shell of this snail became agatised (the natural form of the sea snail was slowly replaced with Agate). Quartz Drusy inclusions also appear in these fossils in some instances. Fossils can be worked with to connect with ancient knowledge, particularly related to the Earth. They can help us release old programming or ways of thinking & being. Fossils can increase career achievements. Physically, fossils are said to assist with the skeleton, disorders relating to atrophy, the thymus, feet & hands.

Crystals have been coveted by man for thousands of years for both their beauty & the mystical healing abilities attributed to them. The crystal healing information we share is intended only as a support to your spiritual journey. Please always seek the assistance of an appropriate medical professional for all medical issues. Crystals are not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.


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