Amethyst & Diamond Pendant


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Amethyst & Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver with 18ct Gold Floral Detail | Bezel Set | Faceted Checkered Oval Cut Amethyst, Purple | Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

Pendant approx 58mm x 34mm.
Amethyst approx 22mm x 17mm.
5 Diamonds approx 1mm diameter.

Chains sold separately. Please contact us for chain options to compliment your pendant.

A spiritual and cleansing stone. Amethyst clears and protects from negativity in our own energy & in our space.  Amethyst helps to relax the conscious mind in meditation & encourages psychic development & connection. It can be useful to clear the mind & in times of stress. Said to assist with insomnia, headaches, mental disorders, the nervous system, heart, stomach and bones.

Diamonds are high frequency stones of truth, purity & spiritual evolution that encourage us to shine our own light. They connect to the realms of spirit, assist us to develop our psychic gifts & can remind us of our destiny.  Diamonds can help us to manifest our dreams. They are a stone that can connect with & open all chakras. They bring their high frequency energy of light into our beings. Just as Diamonds form under extreme pressure from the Earth, they promote strength within us, when there is pressure in our lives. Diamonds have been said to assist with eyesight & the metabolism.

Crystals have been coveted by man for thousands of years for both their beauty & the mystical healing abilities attributed to them. The crystal healing information we share is intended only as a support to your spiritual journey. Please always seek the assistance of an appropriate medical professional for all medical issues. Crystals are not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.



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