365 Reasons To Love Your Cat


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Whether you are a dog or cat lover, you will already know about their awesomeness and you don’t need any more excuses to adore them. Despite their unpredictability, their highs and lows, their grumpy moods and crazy mischief, no matter how disdainfully or well you are treated, you remain resolutely under their spell. These books recall scores of precious moments – the personal snapshots that reveal humankind’s blissful connection with the feline or canine psyche. Each book is a love-in celebration of dumb-smart enigmatic fluff-magnets in all their unpredictable wonder. This book contains a whole year’s worth of observations and treasured moments that sum up our love of all the things feline. From the enigmatic and the unpredictable to the bizarre and the beautiful, this is a celebration of our furry companions in all their quirkiness.