Amber Pendant

Amber is a fossilised tree resin formed from largely extinct trees. It’s often estimated to be between 10-90 million years old & can contain plant material & insects that became stuck within the resin & then frozen in time. For thousands of years this beautiful material has been worn as jewellery & crafted into ornaments. Amber is known to have a warm, sunny & uplifting energy that soothes us in difficult times. It is a nurturing stone said to purify our aura & our beings. Amber connects to ancient knowledge & can be worked with to access our own ancestral & past life knowledge. It holds a light energy that is said to connect with beings of the light including those from other dimensions & other worlds, fairies & elementals. Amber is said to assist with our physical energy, wellbeing, the metabolism, health & in recovery from injury or illness…Shop Now>>

Amethyst Pendant

Amethyst is a spiritual and cleansing stone. It clears and protects from negativity in our own energy & in our space.  Amethyst helps to relax the conscious mind in meditation & encourages psychic development & connection. It can be useful to clear the mind & in times of stress. Said to assist with insomnia, headaches, mental disorders, the nervous system, heart, stomach and bones…Shop Now>>

Dolphin Pendant

Paua Shell is said to connect to Divine energy & provide a soothing, tranquil feel to balance the emotions. It has been used as a talisman of protection.

Mother of Pearl encourages us to discover our hidden potential & inner wisdom. It is said to help with self expression & acting with both our heart & mind.

Pearls have long been considered to be symbols of femininity, beauty, love, faith, purity, integrity & innocence. In Ancient Greece, Pearls were connected to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, who was born of the sea…Shop Now>>

Dichroic Pendant

The stunning effects & colours of Dichroic Glass are made by expertly stacking layers of glass with micro layers of metals or oxides…Shop Now>>

Eclipse Pendant

Eclipse stone promotes strength, clear thinking & embracing change in life. It is said to be a stone of the ‘wise woman’, or crone, who was once revered within a tribe as a keeper of ancient wisdom. Eclipse Stone encourages the reclaiming of power & status for the modern equivalent of the crone, the menopausal woman. It encourages fresh beginnings for men after a mid life crisis. It brings the energy of joy & love & helps us to release resentment & lower emotions…Shop Now>>

Jasper Pendant

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains and supports through times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy…Shop Now>>

Labradorite Pendant

Labradorite exhibits striking flashes of colour, known as labradorescence, as light moves over the surface of the stone. Some stones will show a single colour while others can exhibit nearly every colour of the rainbow. Labradorite’s base colour usually appear light to dark grey in colour. The Native people of Canada, where the stone was first found, once believed that Labradorite was the Northern Lights trapped within a stone. Labradorite is known as a stone of magic & intuition. It protects and clears the aura and assists you in understanding your own destiny. Labradorite helps us along our journey of self discovery & is excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. Labradorite has been said to assist with stress, anxiety, the metabolism & digestion…Shop Now>>

Larimar Pendant

Larimar is a calming, serene stone that soothes the emotions & brings balance. It can teach us to live contentedly in the moment. Larimar is a stone of femininity, intuition & empowerment that can connect women with their inner Divine Feminine. It connects men to their own feminine aspects. Larimar encourage clear communication of our own truths. Larimar has been said to assist with stress, fear, anger, phobias, panic attacks, emotional healing, general wellbeing, inflammation, fever, sore throats infection & muscle tension…Shop Now>>

Natural Citrine Pendant

Natural Citrine is a stone of optimism, manifestation & abundance. It is known as one of the most powerful stones for manifestation & can highlight & clear any related blockages. Citrine can give us the courage to carry on through tough times & when necessary, make tough choices. It can be used to clear the energy of the aura. Citrine can enhance creativity, clear thought & focus. It has been said to assist with the thyroid, thymus, metabolism & digestion…Shop Now>>

Pietersite Pendant

Pietersite is a stone of transformation, willpower, spirituality & intuition. It works to clear stuck energy from our being, allowing us to move forward. Pietersite can encourage us to recognise & take new directions in our lives, letting go of old habits & behaviours. It draws light energy into our body & auric field, lifting our frequency. Pietersite has been said to assist with the imagination, psychic vision brain, nervous system & physical strength…Shop Now>>

Prehnite Pendant

Prehnite is a peaceful stone that nurtures us, bringing joy & encouraging us to act from the heart & live in the moment. It can help us communicate with our higher selves, spirit, angels, elementals, fairies & other higher beings. It can also deepen our connection to the Earth. Prehnite is said to assist with worry, nerves, circulation, the lymphatic system, kidneys, bladder & the urinary tract…Shop Now>>

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

The Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian symbol also known as the ‘Breath of Life’. It is believed to represent protection, new life & the goddess.

Rainbow Moonstone balances the emotions, bringing joy & optimism. Rainbow Moonstone has been said to have a higher vibration that other varieties of Moonstone. It is a stone of ‘new beginnings’ & good luck, helping us to navigate the changes & natural cycles of our lives. Rainbow  Moonstone can help us to understand our own destiny. Historically, Moonstone was believed to protect those that were travelling. It is a stone of intuition & connection to the lunar energy of the moon & the energy of the Goddess. Rainbow Moonstone can be used to deepen our psychic abilities & awareness. It is said to help with fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, PMS, menopause, digestion, circulation & sleep when experiencing insomnia…Shop Now>>

Rhodochrosite Pendant

Rhodochrosite is a warm stone of love energy. It is said to fill our own world with love & create emotional balance. Rhodochrosite is also a helpful stone for balancing our masculine & feminine energies. It connects with Earth energy, can assist with Earth healing & encourages us to nurture the Earth. Rhodochrosite is said to assist with our physical health, the thyroid, heart & digestion…Shop Now>>

Ruby Pendant

Ruby is said to help us to change our own world, bringing light into our life. It relates to the heart chakra & encourages happiness & our own bliss. Ruby has been said to maintain wealth & health. It can protect from psychic attack & is rumoured to protect us from lightning. Keep Ruby close when sleeping to combat nightmares & promote lucid dreaming. It is said to assist with manifestation, vitality, fever & detoxification…Shop Now>>

Sodalite Pendant

Sodalite is a stone of the mind, stimulating logic, rationality, intuition & creativity as well as organisation & discipline. It can be used for deep meditations, hypnotic states & in journeying. It helps us to detach from the outer world & the conscious mind. Sodalite can help us to identify the lessons we came to learn in this lifetime & see our own path. Sodalite teaches viewing our circumstances from a higher perspective. Sodalite has been said to assist with stress, anxiety, dream recollection, lucid dreaming, water retention & blood pressure…Shop Now>>

Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire has long been believed to be a royal stone that would protect Kings from ill will & harm. Sapphire is a stone of communication, intuition, psychic development & expansion. It can be used in astral travel, lucid dreaming, re-birthing, Earth connection & in channelling from spirit & higher realms. Sapphire is said to assist with learning, self discipline, focus, general healing, the eyes, headaches, vertigo, blood & inner ear issues…Shop Now>>

Shungite Pendant

Shungite is found in a single location in Russia & is believed to be at least 2 billion years old. Shungite is a stone of protection, purification, healing, wellbeing & emotional balance that absorbs negative energy. It has been said to combat EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies), stress, pain & assist with the immune system, digestion, detoxification & inflammation. It is said to be antibacterial, an antihistamine & an antioxidant. When left in drinking water for 48 hours it is said to assist with allergies, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, sore throats, auto-immune disease, impotence & burns…Shop Now>>

Sonora Sunrise Pendant

Sonora Sunrise is a striking, natural combination of Chrysocolla & Cuprite. It is relatively rare & found only in Mexico. Sonora Sunrise encourages us to communicate, specifically to speak our own truth. It helps us to consciously connect to the intent of our Higher Self. Sonora Sunrise can help us to release worries over that which we can’t control. It can help with past life exploration & integrating the lessons learned in other lives. Sonora Sunrise has been said to assist with physical energy & strength, creativity, sexuality, the metabolism, female hormones, the bladder & kidneys…Shop Now>>

Steam Punk Pendant

Steampunk jewelry features mostly metal components — soldered, riveted, stacked, bolted or wired. It’s also a blend of opposites and contrasts: rusty and sparkly, heavy mechanical-looking metal gears and bolts with delicate filigree and flowers…Shop Now>>

Sugilite Pendant

Sugilite is a purifying & cleansing stone that can clear & lighten our energy field. Wearing Sugilite can be helpful to empaths & those who are sensitive to energy as it can create protection from negative energy & the energies of others. Sugilite is said to help to ground light energy on Earth through ourselves, to ultimately lift the planetary vibration. It can assist in deepening meditation, lucid dreaming, overcoming nightmares, worries & insomnia & encouraging us to believe in ourselves enough to manifest our desires…Shop Now>>

Thulite Pendant

Thulite is a stone of happiness, self love & joy in life. It can help us to release patterns of behaviour that are self destructive & to embrace new healthy behaviours. Thulite can assist us to start new harmonious friendships & relationships. It is a stone that promotes a higher perspective on life, allowing us to more readily embrace whatever comes our way & see the humour in our experiences. Thulite is said to assist with self acceptance, unconditional love, creativity & sexuality…Shop Now>>

Tiffany Stone Pendant

Tiffany Stone is also known as Bertrandite, Purple Opal, Purple Passion & Opalised Fluorite. It is a very rare stone, sourced from a single mine in Utah, USA. Tiffany Stone brings a high vibration that stimulates the psychic senses, connecting us with higher guidance & our own intuition. It encourages emotional strength & supports us in times of change. Tiffany Stone can assist in clearing energetic blockages, cleansing & charging all chakras. It is helpful in clearing the mind. Tiffany Stone has been said to assist with tantra, libido, the bones, ligaments, arthritis, osteoarthritis & tendonitis…Shop Now>>

Tiger Eye Pendant

Tiger Eye is an earthy stone of clarity, optimism, practicality, strength & grounding. It can be used to reach a place of balance & to connect with our inner guidance. Tiger Eye is said to boost our vitality & physical strength as well as our endurance in times of difficulty. It is said to help create harmony within relationships when experiencing conflict. Tiger Eye is said to assist with physical wellbeing, the eyes, throat, blood, reproductive system & hormones…Shop Now>>

Mixed Pendants

Mixed collection of sensational pendants…Shop Now>>

Andara Pendant, Wire Wrapped, Golden Yellow, Seafoam, Monatomic, Lemurian Bed, USA

Andara Pendant, Wire Wrapped

Andara Crystals have powerful healing properties, and they increase vibration and awareness, opening up psychic gifts and DNA activation. A healing crystal that balances and clears the Head, Heart and Gut. This crystal can help manifest the path of their True Self….Shop Now>>

Bloodstone Pendant

Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope. Bloodstone is known to be a stone of courage, healing, endurance, grounding, faith & strength. It can offer support in times of challenge. Bloodstone is said to assist in athletic pursuits, decision making, overcoming difficulty, vitality, female hormones, menopause & issues of the blood…Shop Now>>

Quartz Pendant

Quartz is also referred to as Rock Crystal. The word ‘Quartz’ originates from the Greek word for ice. It was believed at one time that Quartz crystals were ice that had frozen so deeply they would never melt. Quartz is a stone of harmony, clarity, alignment, psychic awareness  & development that can purify us on all levels. It is said to connect us to the energy of the universe as well as assisting us to communicate with animals, crystals, plants, spirit & the higher realms. Quartz can be used to amplify the energy of other crystals it is placed next to or to amplify our own energy. Quartz has been said to assist to open all chakras, help us understand the meaning of our dreams, re-energise the body & mind, stabilise the emotions, raise our vibration or consciousness & clear the mind. It has also been said to aid the nervous system, hair & nail growth, circulation & burns…Shop Now>>

Peridot Pendant

Peridot is known as a stone of warmth, wellbeing, joy & abundance. It is said to help us to receive abundance in all forms & to assist in removing any blocks we have that may have prevented this in the past. Peridot can connect us to & assist us to communicate with animals, plants, fairies & nature spirits. It is said to assist with the heart, lungs & physical healing…Shop Now>>

Black Tourmaline Pendant

Black Tourmaline is a stone of grounding & psychic protection. It cleanses negativity from our own energy field & the energy of our space. Black Tourmaline is said to assist us to release negative thoughts, fear, stress, worry, anxiety, anger & obsessive behaviour. It is said to clear & activate the chakras & assist with emotional equilibrium,  dyslexia, the heart & adrenal glands…Shop Now>>

Turquoise Pendant

Turquoise is a balancing stone of truth, communication, spiritual growth & peacefulness. It can promote a sense of serene wellbeing. Turquoise can help us to embrace our whole self & understand that every aspect of our self can be learned from & is connected to the energy of the Divine. When we truly accept all of ourselves we are able to be truly whole. Turquoise reminds us that every experience we have is simply an opportunity for learning. Turquoise is said to assist with stress, forgiveness & emotional healing…Shop Now>>

Purpurite Pendant

Purpurite is a stone of insight & empowerment that cleanses our energy field & offers psychic protection. It connects us with the wisdom of our spirit guides through meditation. Purpurite aligns all the chakras, balancing energy flow throughout our being. It is a stone that possesses a grounding element as well as a connection to the high frequencies of spirit & divine energy; this results in a stone that grounds light in the physical, earthly plane- it brings light to us & to the Earth. Purpurite can be a wonderful stone in energy healing work. It has been said to open us to love & assist with the brain, stress, nerves, worry & anxiety…Shop Now>>