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Crystal Ocean - the Natural Crystal & Jewellery Shop

At Crystal Ocean we combine natural healing crystals with workshops that share our specialised knowledge of the wonderful energy these crystals bring to our lives.

Each crystal is photographed to give you the best possible feel for every piece & to help you find the perfect crystal that resonates with you.

Andara Crystals Australia

Crystal Ocean is Australia’s premier importer of genuine Andara Crystals.

Each Andara is individually photographed to allow you to connect with their unique energy.

Healers & those on a spiritual path will often find themselves drawn to Andaras.

They are certainly controversial. Many say they are manmade & thus not capable of holding any energy or metaphysical benefit.

In our own experience, Andaras are very high vibrational tools.

It is said that will only connect with those that have raised their own vibration to a certain level.

We individually select all of our Andaras from reputable sources.

Our Andaras originate from Mt Shasta/Lemurian Bed in the USA, South Africa & Indonesia.

Crystal Healing Jewellery Australia

We offer a large collection of stunning crystal jewellery, ethically sourced from both Australian jewellers & suppliers all over the world.
Our jewellery is carefully hand selected for its beauty, uniqueness & to suit a wide range of tastes & price points.
Wearing crystal jewellery is a lovely way to connect with & enjoy the natural crystal energy of each special piece.

Natural Crystals

We stock only ethically sourced natural crystals and have a wide range of beautiful crystals in our shop.  Crystals begin at $1 a piece right through to collectors pieces & crystal caves up to $5000 in price.

On Sale

Visiting our Crystal Shop Melbourne & Metaphysical Shop

Our crystal shop just outside of Melbourne, is based in the lovely Gippsland town of Yarragon. Well worth a drive, Yarragon is home to many unique small businesses, boutiques & cafes. It’s also a short drive from the natural beauty of the fern tree rainforest at Mount Worth State Park.

There is always something new to discover in our spacious store. We stock a wide & ever-expanding range of beautiful crystal gift ideas, natural crystals, and polished crystals & gemstones. 

Are you looking for Crystal gift ideas?

In addition to our core crystal ranges we stock seasonal giftware like ornaments, mugs, clothing & teas. Gift Vouchers are also available and a popular option. We offer in-store gift wrapping & cards too.

Enjoy a leisurely browse through a range that includes:

Crystal Singing Bowls & Pyramids


Rose Quartz

We have a much wider variety than the above, but that is a great collection to get you started.  Should you not see the healing crystals for sale you may wish to purchase, give us a call as we have an even more extensive collection in the shop.

Visit our blog to learn how to cleanse your crystals & clear negativity from your space using smudgesticks or palo santo.

We have AmethystQuartzTiger Eye. We also have crystal skulls, and Essential Oils.

Interested? Get in touch.

 The team at our Australian metaphysical shop, are always happy to help you with any enquiries or questions. Let us help you make an informed decision on our products.

We also have a much wider collection available inside our Yarragon store.

Should you not see the crystal or product you are looking for, please call us. We may just have exactly what you need!

Call us on 03 5634 2869 or email us at