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How to Use Palo Santo Sticks to Clear Negative Energy

Palo Santo

Palo Santo can be used to clear negative energy & to purify & lift vibrations in your space. Also known as Holy Wood, Palo Santo Sticks are small pieces of wood from the Palo Santo Tree, native to South America. The tree is believed to be sacred & mystical. Palo Santo has been used by Shamans for hundreds of years to clear negativity, purify, balance themselves,  for good luck & for deeper meditation, rituals & healing.

 Palo Santo Sticks can be an excellent alternative to White Sage Smudge Sticks for those who find the smell of White Sage too strong. Palo Santo has it’s own herby smell but is gentler than that of White Sage.

 Use Palo Santo when you feel uncomfortable in your space or feel the energy is unpleasant, when you are stressed, anxious, emotional. sleeping poorly, when moving into a new house, when going through major changes, when life doesn’t seem to be flowing & as your intuition guides you.


Palo Santo can also clear energy on people, objects & crystals. Move crystals through the smoke to purify & cleanse.

 How to Use:

1. Ideally, use your Palo Santo to cleanse your entire home. Open all cupboards, drawers, wardrobes etc. Traditionally the Spirit of the Palo Santo would be asked to bless & cleanse your space. You can also ask your own guides or angels for assistance & guidance if you feel drawn to.

2. Light your Palo Santo Stick with a lighter or matches. Allow to burn for 30 seconds or so then blow out. Blow gently on the glowing embers as necessary to create more smoke.

3. Using your intuition, pick the room you would like to start in. The smoke will fill the room naturally but you can push the smoke with your hand if needed.  Allow the smoke into cupboards, drawers, behind doorways  & throughout the room. When you feel comfortable to do so, move onto the next room.

4. Repeat this process in all rooms & hallways in your space. The process can be an intuitive one. You may feel drawn to spend longer in some rooms than others. Some rooms may feel finished very quickly & others may need extra time.

5. Leave your Palo Santo Stick safely in a fireproof bowl, the embers will go out naturally. Feel free to now open windows & doors to air out the herby scent of the Palo Santo. Enjoy your lovely cleansed space!!

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