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How to Use a Smudge Stick or White Sage to Clear Energy

Before we get to the Smudge Sticks, lets quickly cover Energy Clearing. What is it!? The simplest answer is that Energy Clearing is the act of Removing or Transmuting lower or negative, energy, to leave only positive, comfortable energy for you to enjoy. Basically emotions and energy stick to places. Most people have had the experience of entering a room after an argument has taken place. The room will generally feel heavy and uncomfortable. This is because the anger & distress from the argument has remained in the room even after the people have left. Over time, if there is enough anger & distress in a space- or stress, drama, sadness etc this energy will become stuck & remain there. On the flip side, this is also true of positive emotions- happiness & joy experienced in a space build up to produce homes that feel welcoming & good to be in!

An Easy Way to clear negative or unwanted energy from your space is by burning a Smudge Stick (White Sage) or Smudging. The first thing we should say is that Smudge Sticks wont remove positive energy! They remove & clear negative, lower energy only. This can be very obviously bad energy that makes your home feel uncomfortable to be in. It can also be used to simply remove the energy of past tenants or owners of the house you live in. Many people will Smudge a house they have just moved into so they are not living in someone else’s energy. Some people will Smudge their homes monthly or bi-monthly just to keep things feeling clear, cleansed & purified all the time.

Times To Smudge:

  • When you feel uncomfortable in your space, or feel the energy is unpleasant
  • When you are stressed, anxious, emotional, sleeping poorly
  • When moving into a new house
  • When you are struggling to relax
  • Whenever you feel it ‘is time’. This could be whenever there are major changes in your life, when things don’t seem to be flowing for you or when you get a nagging feeling that you should Smudge.
  • Smudging can also clears energy on people, objects & crystals. Move crystals through the smoke to purify & cleanse.

We are keeping this guide as straightforward & simple as possible. There are many beautiful rituals you can use when you are Smudging. I encourage you to trust your own intuition when it comes to rituals.

So here’s what you need to do:

(It is best if Smudging a House or Workplace to Smudge the whole space. This ensures the energy you are seeking to clear doesn’t just shift to a different room. If this isn’t possible just smudge the space you are able to with the intention that any negative energy is cleared from the entirety of the space.)

1. Ideally, Smudge when you are alone, you may want to let animals outside also. They make not like the herby smell of the smoke. Close all windows & doors that open to outside. Open all cupboards, drawers, wardrobes etc. If you feel you would like to, you can mentally or verbally ask for the assistance of your own Guides, Angels, Archangels, the Spirit of the White Sage itself or any other being you connect with, to assist you & protect you while clearing the energy of your space.

2. Light your Smudge Stick with a lighter or matches. Blow gently on the glowing embers to create smoke. You can also use Loose Leaf White Sage in a fireproof bowl. (The only difference between Loose Leaf White Sage & a Smudge Stick made from White Sage is the shape. A Smudge Stick is White Sage that has been tightly tied together so it can be held in the hand. Loose Leaf White Sage has not been tied & is burned in a fireproof bowl.)

3. Using your intuition, pick the room you would like to start in. Use your hand or a large feather to push the smoke around the room. Allow the smoke into cupboards, drawers, behind doorways  & throughout the room. The smoke burns a white/grey colour. If the smoke’s colour darkens in a particular place, allow the Smudge Stick to burn there a little longer- it is clearing energy. When the smoke returns to it’s regular colour continue around the room. When you have pushed the smoke throughout the room & you feel comfortable to do so, move onto the next room.

4. Repeat this process in all rooms & hallways in your space. The process can be an intuitive one. You may feel drawn to spend longer in some rooms than others. Some rooms may feel finished very quickly & others may need extra time. In general an averaged size home will probably take about 20 minutes but you may work faster or slower.

5. When you have Smudged all rooms & areas in your space you are finished! Extinguish your Smudge Stick in a fireproof bowl like you are butting a cigarette, you can also extinguish the Smudge Stick in dirt or sand. Feel free to now open windows & doors to air out the herby scent of the Smudge Stick. Enjoy your lovely cleansed space!!

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