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Crystals By Colour – What Do They Do?

Each and every crystal and mineral is said to have their own unique healing properties. It can get overwhelming trying to decide which might be best for you. We’ve put together a general, easy to use list by crystal colour to make things a little easier. Here’s what each colour group may help with:

Red: Passion, Strength, Energy, Vitality, Courage. Relates to the Base Chakra.

Pink: Love, Self-Love, Nurturing, Calming. Relates to the Heart Chakra

Orange: Joy, Creativity, Sexuality. Relates to the Sacral Chakra.

Yellow: Optimism, Happiness, Clarity. Relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Green: Healing, Soothing, Growth, New Beginnings. Relates to the Heart Chakra.

Blue: Calming, Communication, Peace. Relates to the Throat Chakra.

Purple: Spirituality, Tranquility. Relates to both the Third- Eye and Crown Chakra.

Brown: Grounding, Earth Connection, Comforting. Relates to the Base Chakra.

Black: Grounding, Protection. Relates to the Base Chakra.

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