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There is a growing revolution in the field of human consciousness. A greater search for personal meaning is emerging, driven by a generation of self help, alternative health and spiritual books that address the bigger questions to which people seek answers. This book has been written as a contribution to the evolution of human consciousness, seen through the eyes of both practitioners and clients.

This book blends some of the simple yet powerful concepts of Quantum Physics, Expanded States of Awareness and cutting edge models and research in the field of human consciousness. The combination of these different, though complimentary areas of human potential combine to form what has come to be known as the Quantum Consciousness Experience.

The book draws on the quantum principles of: The Observer Effect, Entanglement, Non-locality and the Holographic nature of our existence. We reference the works of: Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Michael Talbot, Lynne McTaggart, Michael Newton and others, to create the model for the “Expanding Realms of Consciousness”. This becomes the means by which we explore our personal universe.

As we release the restrictions of the Present Consciousness and embrace the Four Aspects of Quantum Consciousness (The Creator Effect, Intanglement, Everywhereness and Holographic Healing) we are able to expand through the Realms of Consciousness model, including: Stored Consciousness (the energetically recorded experiences in the person we know),  Alternate Consciousness (where a life changing decision has created an alternate reality through the exercising of our free will), Parallel Consciousness (where we exist in other bodies at different times in history), Interdimensional Consciousness (where we exist in other life forms and dimensions), and our Eternal Consciousness (where we access the pure soul state).

Ultimately we experience the feeling of connecting with the fabric of the cosmos itself, experiencing the connectedness of all things.

Quantum Consciousness – Expanding your personal universe, joins the dots between the theories and experiences of some of the great consciousness explorers of our time, before offering a new model that allows us to comprehend the true Quantum potential of ourselves. Physics is the science of possibility. Expanded States of Awareness frees our consciousness from the restrictions of the human form. This book is designed to bring unity to these theories and offer experiential case studies that have resulted in transformational experiences at the personal level, facilitated by a trained network of Quantum Consciousness Facilitators.   


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