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Alchemy For Now Cards


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With these cards, you now have the ability to turn your inner gold into health, wealth and happiness!


A 40 gold edged card deck with a comprehensive guide book helping you create a golden thought, a golden feeling or a golden dream . These cards unlock the secrets of ancient alchemists which will assist you in finding solutions to those questions that require meaningful answers. In the Golden Age which is now upon us, you can become attuned to a greater understanding of the steps needed to be taken in order for you to happily move into and enjoy the new 4th dimensional way of living.


If you have been looking for help to transform your life – then this is it!


You will absolutely love …


the gold symbols of ancient alchemy

learning the secret language of the alchemist

their powerful energy and accurate guidance

how simple, easy, and fun they are to use

the expanded explanations you find in the accompanying Guide Booklet

You can use these beautiful cards to define where you are on your journey to transformation.


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