Our Backstory

Crystal Ocean began it’s journey in the year 2000. Originally located in the coastal town of Tooradin, it is now homed in a cosy, cottage style building circa 1885 in the picturesque town of Yarragon, Victoria. Crystal Ocean celebrated it’s four year anniversary in Yarragon on Australia Day, 2017.

Our vision is to provide a spiritual haven for learning, growth and self discovery at a time when many are seeking ‘more’ in their lives. Our aim is to welcome visitors from all walks of life with a calm space in which to explore, relax and perhaps have a chat.


What We Provide

We offer Guided Meditations, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations, Psychic Readings, Healings and Workshops regularly. There is an ever expanding range of unique crystals and minerals, jewellery, candles, smudgesticks, incense, essential oils, books, CD’s, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, paintings from local artisans, giftware and other treasures. Our committed staff are always willing to offer their knowledge, warmth and smiles and look forward to seeing you in store.


Meet Our Practitioners

Julie Greensmith

Owner & Founder

Julie founded Crystal Ocean in the year 2000. A lifelong interest in spirituality and a genuine love of assisting people in their own journeys make this venture a passion and a joy. Julie has run guided meditation groups for the past 25 years and has undertaken courses that include reiki, psychic development, mediumship, crystal healing, shamanism, singing bowls and spiritual development. Her natural ability to connect and warmth and understanding allows for a wonderful   in-store experience and usually a good chat!

Fiona Werry

Julie Veenstra

Julie Veenstra is as a Certified Numerologist, Massage, Bodywork & Photonic Light Therapist, Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner, Qualified Health Counsellor (MRA), she has studied with The Four Winds Institute of Energy Medicine (USA) and is a member of IICT, International institute of Complimentary Therapists.  The combination of Julie’s studies bring depth to her unique healing style, which helps to relieve stress and anxiety, enhance good health and can bring about major change within lives, for Children, Teens and Adults.

Modalities offered:
Numerology – brings empowerment through deeper insights into the person that you truly are, along with providing invaluable information for supporting children and relationship dynamics.
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork – a non-invasive, myo-fascial address providing relief from emotional & physical stress, which can also detox your body and awaken new pathways within, enhancing inner strength and clarity.
Advanced Photonic Light Therapy – same as Acupuncture but with no needles.
Australian Bush Flower Essence Blends – homeopathic remedies that are personally made to treat a vast range of emotional and physical concerns, with direct connection to ancient indigenous plant medicine.
Julie’s focus is to offer a service which assists in empowering your body, mind and soul.

Kate Hourigan

Lindy Stratford

Judy Washington